About Maricel

My name is Maricela and I have always loved shiny things, specifically jewelry.  Unique jewelry makes me happy.  No matter how much weight I lose or gain, I can always count on my jewelry to make me feel “put together.”  Some days that alone is what helps you over the obstacles. 

Finding clothes that fit well when you are plus size has always been hard, I should know I have been trying for over 40 years.  Finding jewelry that fits when you are plus size can at times be even more challenging.  How many times have you tried on a necklace that makes you feel like you are being choked every time you try to turn your head?  Have you become frustrated trying to close the clasp on a bracelet that is too small for your wrist?  And then there are the rings that you try to convince yourself will look cute even if the ring won't slide over your knuckle.  “Wearing rings above the knuckle is trendy so I’ll take it,” you say to yourself. 

I created Maricel for two reasons.  The first reason is so that women like me can have options when it comes to jewelry.  At Maricel, I create shiny things for people like us AND I also create jewelry in smaller sizes for our other peeps, because we are cool like that, we create for all sizes.  The second reason for Maricel is that it makes me happy.  For the last 20-plus years whenever I was overwhelmed or sad, I turned to jewelry-making to regain my balance. I made jewelry when I went back to school to get my degree while working full-time in corporate America.  I made jewelry when my family life was in shambles.  And most recently I started making jewelry because I was unhappy with the direction of my career. 

Photo of Maricela

Do you know what I realized?  Designing and making jewelry makes me happy!  It's been so obvious over the years so I finally listened to my instincts and launched Maricel. I hope my pieces make you as happy as they make me or at least make you feel like you are “put together” on the days you need some armor to deal with the world. 

Please email me at MGRod@shopMaricel.com if you have any questions, want something customized, or just want to say “hello” because you can relate!