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 Image of Sun and Star Paperclip necklace laid out over the black Maricel jewelry bag

Maricel is a size-inclusive jewelry brand focused on helping you shine so you feel comfortable in your own skin and so you can always feel good about how you look. 

But let’s be real, it’s just jewelry and wearing it may not change your entire outlook on life however it is at times the little things that propel us forward. 

We wear jewelry to express ourselves, for symbolic reasons, to celebrate our self-love, or simply to show off our fashion sense.  At Maricel, we want to help make that even easier for you.  

Just like our bodies, our jewelry comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes. 

We offer:

  • Classic pieces in classic and not so classic sizes that you can wear every day when you want to give off a timeless sophisticated vibe, like when you are pitching your business idea or meeting your boyfriend’s adult children for the first time, eek.
  • Dainty and delicate pieces made for your body type for the days when you feel elegant and insist on being treated like the precious morsel you know you are.
  • Bold and sassy jewelry that fits you well and lets everyone know that you do not suffer the fool nor will you be putting up with any shit from anyone so come correct or keep on walking.
  • Bespoke, limited collections for all bodies, that are whimsical and carefree indicating you are your own person, unlike anyone else, as if anyone really needs reminding. 
  • We want you to feel inspired and confident, bold and ballsy, adored and idolized, at the very least, that is what we all deserve. 

    I hope you enjoy wearing the jewelry.

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